Thursday, 24 October 2013

Photo of the Week: The Royal Exchange Building, Manchester

I do like to pop to Manchester on a Sunday afternoon.  Often I take a snap with my iPhone and most of the time nothing comes of it.  Last Sunday as I was walking down Cross Street and turned onto Market Street I looked up at Marks and Spencers windows. What I found was an amazing reflection of the Royal Exchange Building in the windows.

©Anne-Marie Marshall 2013 

I almost didn't take the picture, but at the last minute I thought I might as well take a snap.  After a play about on Instagram I came up with this lovely shot.  It almost made up for the fact I drained my car battery that afternoon (left on car lights) and had to get jump started by my Dad.

For more examples of my photography go to Instagram and search for the user name - angelickittycat.  Or go to my Pinterest page Life in Northern Towns.

All images are the work of Anne-Marie Marshall.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Photos of the Week: Maryport

We've just been to the Lake District for the week and whilst we were there we took a trip to Maryport.  The Cumbrian coastline doesn't seem to be a major tourist destination unlike the Lake District itself.  This is in part is due to how long it takes to get to the coast on the A roads and there is no major resort like Blackpool.  I somehow think Sellafield might have something to do with that. 

Maryport was our final destination for the day.  It is a sleepy seaside town and it was overcast that day so I couldn't take any pictures of the Solway Firth.  Instead I took some photos of the Marina and town centre.  As much as I prefer taking pictures on a clear, blue sky day, sometimes cloudy days can add real atmospherics to a picture. Here are some examples of what I found.

©Anne-Marie Marshall 2013 

©Anne-Marie Marshall 2013 

©Anne-Marie Marshall 2013 

More pictures of Maryport can be found on my Pinterest Page - here is the link.

All images the work of Anne-Marie Marshall.