Tuesday 13 August 2013

Photo of the Week: Imperial War Museum North and the Media City Footbridge

Salford Quays has become an excellent place to take architectural photography.  20 years ago these docks were a wasteland, now they have been radically transformed into an architects playground.

The Imperial War Museum North is an amazing building inside and out.  I love how it stands on the edge of the Quays looking like a ship resting in dock. Inside they have some of the most effective exhibitions about war - I never leave the place with a dry eye.

As part of the Media City redevelopment a new footbridge was built, imaginatively called the Media City Footbridge.  I love the sleek design and believe it or not, but it's also a swing bridge.  So beautiful and yet so practical.

The bridge designers had an inspired moment designing this bridge.  I swear they were standing where I took this picture and thought an asymmetric, cable bridge would be wonderfully offset by the museum.  To me these two structures transform into modern day clipper ship in this picture.

I got lucky with the weather this day as the clouds add drama to the photo.  It was also a windy day and so the Quays were quite choppy, which adds texture to the water.

This picture was processed via Instagram.  I double filtered it - I'm not sure which ones, but probably X-Pro II and Lo-fi.

Salford Quays is one of the best places to visit in Salford with plenty of photo opportunities.  So take your camera, but remember take a jacket as it always seems to be windy.

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