Tuesday 24 September 2013

Photos of the Week: London

This week I've gone plural with three photos of the week.  A couple of weeks ago we headed to London to meet my Canadian Cousins.  This was their first visit to London and they were keen to see the sights.  We tagged along and I took lots of photos.  The weather wasn't brilliant, however the clouds were fabulous to photograph which really added drama to the photos.

Here are my top three favourite pictures:

1. Tower Bridge

©Anne-Marie Marshall 2013
Tower Bridge is an iconic structure in London.  It's known throughout the world and naturally my Cousins wanted to see it.  In all my time visiting London I have never walked across it let alone take a picture of it.  I like this shot as the clouds and the lighting make it look rather imposing.

2. A view of the River Thames near City Hall

©Anne-Marie Marshall 2013 
This picture to me looks like an oil painting.  Again the clouds make the picture look really dramatic and the people give the photo a dynamic.  My eye always gets drawn to the guy sitting on the wall with his back to the Thames.  There is almost a story in his pose - is he a beggar asking for money, a busker or a weary tourist resting his feet?

3. Menier's Chocolate Factory now Theatre and Café
©Anne-Marie Marshall 2013 
I captured this image on top of a tour bus.  This is a wonderful building full of Victorian character, with cream coloured accents on the window arches and roof edges and the wheat coloured brick tainted with the chocolate coloured soot. The great thing about tour buses is that they take you places you would not normally go on foot.  It was quite breezy on the top deck, but you can't fault the photo opportunities the bus allows you. 

All images the work of Anne-Marie Marshall.

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