Friday 22 November 2013

Monthly Challenges: September 2013

Coursera has become my new favourite website and during September I undertook at course in Creativity, Innovation and Change with Penn State.  I was really looking forward to this course, surprisingly I found it a disappointment.  It is hard to pin point the reason why, but I found the videos were too short for my liking as they seemed like some MTV video soundbite and I didn't warm to the presenters either.  It simply didn't grab me like the Introduction to Art course.

That said the one idea I did like was the concept of Intelligent Fast Fail.  It really helps to counteract that perfectionist streak that can cripple people (and me) with inaction.  Basically you try stuff, fail quickly, learn from the experience and repeat.  Eventually you can succeed, but failure is an important part of the process which we should embrace as a positive experience.

Due to time constraints I didn't do the advanced course and I may have had a better experience, but somehow I managed to get 100% on the statement of achievement.  Bizarrely I have found the more I hate I course the higher the marks I get.  Still, I did get something out of it.

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