Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Monthly Challenges: November 2013

Back to Coursera this month for my monthly challenge and this time I did an Introduction to Marketing with Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

I've always been interested in Marketing, but when I've tried to read textbooks on the subject somehow my eyes glazed over and I fall asleep.  So when I saw this course I knew I had to try it and what a joy it was.

I honestly though Marketing was about all the design, print and copy writing stuff, but in actual fact it's much deeper and more interesting than that.  This course is themed on the three aspects of marketing - branding, customer centricity and go to market strategies.  This course really takes you on a tour of what marketing is, does some jargon busting, shows the lengths businesses can go to in order to understand their customers.

The course was more detailed for me than some other courses I had done before.  The lecturers were excellent, the content insightful and I can honestly say it really gave me a fresh perspective on my work and my employer.  I can't tell you how invaluable this course has been to me.

This is a brill course and great for people who want to know some basics about marketing.  Whether a prospective university student trying to decide what course to do; someone about to start their own business and wants to understand what marketing is for; or for someone who wants to know what marketing is about.  If I was going back to University this course would convince me to take some marketing modules.  FAB!

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