Saturday 19 April 2014

Six Week Challenge - Week Two

Week two done.  It's hard this recovery lark - mainly the boredom. 

The highlight of the week was a trip out with my folks to Oswaldtwistle Mill and a garden centre in Radcliffe.  To be truthful it was a killer to do on crutches, although in Oswaldtwistle Mill I wasn't alone.  It seemed to be the walking wounded day with lots of people with sticks, crutches and wheelchairs.  I really didn't find much but it was nice to go out with my parents and we had lunch in one of the three cafes at Oswaldtwistle Mill.  The quiche special was nice and seemed to be a popular choice with fellow diners.  At the garden centre I bought my herb garden, although I was distracted by the animal section.  There was an aviary with finches, canaries and cockatilles.  The rabbits were very cute.  My Mum made a hasty retreat when she saw the gerbils and hamsters - she's not good with anything that resembles a mouse.  Then I spotted an anaemic looking corn snake. My phobia kicked in and I hobbled off in the opposite direction.

I also took Lil'Sox for her follow up injection at My Pets Vets in Leigh.  She was really good apart from some wriggling.  No hissing, biting, scratching, meowing or any dirty protests.  All we got was a little squeak as we put her into her carry cage.  The vet's was lovely and they had a special waiting area for the cats.  Although Lil'Sox was far more well behaved than the dogs in the waiting room.  One greying old chap was whinning as he was waiting for the vet.  Another black highland terrier was literally dragged into the vets legs splayed.  We did see the most lovely ginger 3 legged dog behind the reception desk.  According to the receptionist it had come in abandoned and emaciated with a badly damaged leg.  Now it had been adopted by one of the staff and the dog looked gloriously content. 

So what are the 10 things I learnt this week.

1. Playing paper ball fetch with Lil'Sox the cat is entertaining.
2.Apparently Lil'Sox's vets reception area is cleaner than my Dad's GP's surgery.
3. It's good to check the terms and conditions of your insurance policies as you might get a pleasant surprise. 
4. Google alerts are good as you may find out your blog has hit the headlines.
5. It's good to let people know your intentions as new opportunities you never considered may come your way.
6.  I discovered I really can't stand the Steve Wright show on Radio 2 - I will hobble to the radio to turn it off and I don't hobble unless there is a desperate need.
7.  Do something each day that connects you to the outside world as it can be lonely and you can lose your confidence a little.  I found that after my thyroid op I got a little panicky on my first venture into the big, wide world and to be honest I had a similar experience at Oswaldtwistle Mill.
8.  Instagram is my favourite social media tool.
9.  Aircasts suck especially if you don't wear a sock inside them.
10.  I must look like a crazy lady when people look through the window and see me throwing paper balls around the place.

Week 2 done and I'm not even half way through.  It's tough and I need to break out.  I'm such an independent soul and this is killing me - hopefully week three will provide me an opportunity to escape. 

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