Thursday 24 April 2014

Six Week Challenge - Week Three

By far this has been the hardest week.  I think it's because  I was not yet half way through my convalescence.  However I have managed to break out on a couple of occasions: once to the pop quiz and another a solo venture on the bus.

This week I was mainly going a bit crazy with loneliness and only a paper ball mad cat for company during the day.  Thankfully Neil was about in the evenings.

It's very easy to get down with all this time on your hands and not being able to scoot out in the car to distract yourself.  Thankfully I still had an Ian Rankin book to read and keep me occupied ('The Complaints').  I love Ian Rankin and he is one of my favourite authors.  Although I was surprised that my interest in reading has waned during this time.

Getting about on crutches was a real nuisance and I noticed that instead of my usual meanderings I became much more focused and direct with my movement.  No movement was wasted as getting about was a real chore.  Especially as I wasn't confident about putting much weight on my broken foot.

Lil Sox the cat was the real joy of the week.  It's so interesting to find out her little quirks and the window fights with the neighbour's cat was a sight to see.  Thankfully the panes of glass separate the two and the only injuries they get are bruised paws from them beating the glass.  Even though she is small, apparently female cats can be feisty and very protective.  Hopefully she won't come to much harm when she finally goes out.

 So what did I learn this week:
  1. Loneliness can turn you into a crazy cat lady very quickly.
  2. Ian Rankin rocks as a author
  3. A broken foot makes you change how you explore places - it makes you consider your choices much more carefully.
  4. Cat window fights are hilarious.
  5. It's good to get out, even if you can't move that fast or far.
  6. Public transport sucks especially as I get travel sick every time.
  7. I miss my car and the freedom it brings.
  8. It's important to do something creative.
  9. People are important to take you out of yourself.
  10. Sleeping in Aircasts are a real chore.

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